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21 December

We know that the first job is special. It’s dear to you and for us as well. That’s why we offer a special discount only for graduated students so you can keep an even bigger percentage of your salary.

Here are the boxes students need to check:

  • Create a post about Careery on your Linkedin with the hashtag #joinedToCareery along with attaching the link to our site ( at the post, you can add any description/photo to the post that you like.
  • Send the post URL and screenshoot to linked to you Careery manager on, not lately than 7 days after you've been joined to Careery.
  • You should not delete the post.

Once you are done you will get a $500 discount on our service.

About us

It’s no secret that getting a job in the United States is a cumbersome task. I know it feels like digging into a mine to find the gold. The chances are low and the uphill struggle feels like a never-ending pursuit.

You have to hunt for tens if not hundreds of jobs every single day that match your requirements and then apply to each one of them. You can only do so much with this approach. The worst part is that sometimes you don’t even get a chance to talk to the employer. 

Many people lose hope after 3 days or so following this process when they don’t get a job. They fear their time being wasted which can lead to problems in interviews and raise a question of no work experience ultimately crushing the goal of getting a dream job and the experience that comes with it.

Moreover, we see a trend that foreigners usually have a Masters Degree which gives them the label of “overqualified”. So, they apply for jobs that are below their level of expertise, leading them to sound desperate for jobs and willing to settle just for anything as long as it pays their bills. 

They are confused about where to apply so they throw all of their darts everywhere hoping one would land on the bull’s eye. 

You don’t need to walk in the murky water

We will send your resume or CV to a thousands of potential employers to increases your chances of getting a high-paying job faster.

All you have to do is:

  1. Apply to Careery by filling in the information required (for free)
  2. Wait for job offers to come to you (it’s not going to take too long) and once your interview is finalized, get ready to ace it
  3. Pick the job that makes you happy and satisfied

That’s all. You are now set for your first job without having to engage in the tedious task of sending your resume.

How much do we charge?

You must be wondering whether we charge a fortune for such a hefty job or that you will need to pay premium fees to get this service.

Nope, that’s not the case.

You don’t have to pay a single penny unless we land you a job. There’s no hidden fee or any sort of charges for applying to Careery. So, how do we charge for our services?If we help you get a job, you agree to pay us 5% of your gross annual base salary with 3 or fewer monthly payments, starting from one full calendar month after you have been placed there. The commission is taken for the first year only.

Sounds great?

Also, if you find a job by yourself then you wouldn’t need to pay that commission at all. This is one of the reasons why our customers love and trust us so much. They don’t have to worry about losing their money or paying for their efforts when they have signed up for our service.

Why are we the first choice of International students?

Many international students struggle to find a job in the US because of strict competition and not much knowledge about the processes companies use in US to hire for jobs. And when the process is manual, it makes it even more difficult for international students to complete the process and increases the chances of missing the deadlines of applications.

That’s why they love us for the fact that we boost their job process by a huge margin and not just that, but we reply to any kind of concerns they have regarding jobs within a few minutes.

93% of our clients get their first job just within3 months, that’s because of the volume of opportunities we apply to each day on your behalf.

The best part?

Students don’t have to worry about wasting time in sending their resumes, instead they use it productively to prepare for the interviews.

Talking about interviews, since we apply to a pool of jobs, you get to collect experience of what an interview will look like even if you don’t get hired in a certain company. The experience helps you get better and give an interview like a pro in your next attempt.

The cherry on top is that with the number of offers you receive the question turns from how will I find a job to which one should I choose. And don’t worry, because we will be there to help you with that as well.


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