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How Careery different from the recruiters?

❌ Recruiters can offer for job seekers, a limited number of companies. Only those with which they are cooperating.

✅ Careery aims to share job seekers' resumes with all high-quality companies which have relative to seeker job openings on the market.

❌ Recruiters often overly control candidates, often do not tell who their end client is, ask to sign NDA, record one-way video interviews, and do some other air-blocking things.

✅ In Careery you're freedom, you just talk with companies in the same way as if you did apply to there on your own, on your mailbox, phone, Linkedin, you've absolutely direct communication with the end companies.

❌ Recruiting companies trying to push your salary down, because companies have to share a % of employee salary with the recruiting agency + the companies which not hired directly often ask to cut costs.

✅ In Careery we're motivated to you get the highest paying job on the market because we take % from your success. Our percentage is much lower than recruiters take from a company(actually company will deduct it from your salary).

❌ Recruiting agencies' success is a Company's success.

✅ Careery success is your success.

careery roadmap

Let's get started!

Pay $0 until you get the Guaranteed Salary!

Once you start earning you start paying back a small fee over a limited time depending of your income.

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