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What is the cost of the Program?

After you get your monthly wage(without bonuses, only wage), with the amount higher or equal to the Guaranteed Salary, you'll share some part of your monthly income with Careery within the limited time period. 

The base rate is 15% from the 4 months in which your wage is higher or equal to the Guaranteed Salary.

📍You do not share income during the months when your wage drops below the Guaranteed Salary.

You're absolutely free to change a job during that period or if you're a contractor maybe you'll want to take a new contract, during this period. Also, this mechanism will save you in cases when you lose your income by other reasons.

Careery at your service until you've shared income from all months when your wage was higher or equal to the Guaranteed Salary. Mean we will keep marketing you and help to contact with companies and providing other services.

careery roadmap

Let's get started!

Pay $0 until you get the Guaranteed Salary!

Once you start earning you start paying back a small fee over a limited time depending of your income.

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