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What is the service fee and how do the payments work once I get a job?

You don't owe to Careery anything until you get a job.

If you get a job we will charge you 15% of your monthly income. The payments will stop once you reach the service fee of $3,250.

Let's assume you got a job and your salary is $95,000/annually, which is equivalent to ~$7,900 monthly, and you started this job on April 24th.

This means that the monthly payment to Careery will be $7,900 * 0.15=$1,185

and bellow is the payments plan:

1st payment May 25th $1185 (paid amount $1,185)

2nd payment Jun 25th $1185 (paid amount $1,185 * 2 = 2,370)

3rd payment Jul 25th $880 (paid amount $1,185 * 2 + $880 = $3,250)

So you've paid the service fee of $3,250 within 3 monthly payments. No future payments will be taken.

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