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Need a high-paying job, fast? We do that.

Land your dream job without having to worry about the application process. Pay us after you get paid, and $0 upfront.


Don’t just take our word for it

We've helped professionals advance in their careers

We applying for you

We will submit your resume to thousands of related vacancies until you get your dream job.

You will get many opportunities and have a direct communication with companies, spending zero time on the application process.

All that you need is focus on interviews and convert opportunity into a job offer.

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Use real interviews to level up your skills

More interviews lead to higher chances of finding a new great job. Take time to review what you learned from the previous interviews and tailor your resume accordingly. After a few interviews, you will get feedback and easy find what knowledge gaps you have and be able to close them quickly.

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Our guarantee
Our guarantee

There are no upfront costs to get started. You start pay only after you get a job.

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be on demand
Be on demand

You will get more interviews than usual, to negotiate better and hunt for the best offer, faster, with less stress.

Interviews in your mailbox
Interviews in your mailbox

Get interview invitations from great companies in your mailbox, keep direct communication with them.

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Career support

By your request we will help you determine the best salary, review your Resume/Linkedin provide advices on various issues.

Get a Better Job Faster Than Ever

87% of our candidates are employed within first 3 months, mostly at salaries above the industry average.

Full time job
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Service Fee

Pay $0 before you get paid

There's no upfront cost when you sign up, and once start earning we charge 15% of your monthly income until you've paid off our service fee of $3,250!

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$0 upfront
We just need to collect some basic information about you, to share it with your potential employers.
15% of monthly income
After you get the first monthly paycheck you start to pay 15% of your monthly salary back to Careery until reach $3,250
Stop when reach $3,250
In total, all that you need to pay is $3,250 once we get this amount back you stop paying.

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How many job applications will be submitted?

On average, in the first week, we submit ~1500 applications, and later ~500 applications per week for every candidate, until he gets hired. This can be lower or higher depending on factors like your role, seniority level, location preference, type of desired employment, and current situation on the job market. We tend to apply as many as we can to increase your chances of getting the best offer fast.

Yes. You will receive an e-mail notification from the companies after the application will be submited.

Indeed, Glassdoor and directly on a companies sites.

We just need some basic information about you like name, email, resume, location, and a few answers to questions that companies often ask us. We will ask you to submit Typeform before we get started, to collect all the needed information. Additionally, we suggest you to create a new e-mail account and Google Voice phone(or similar), to do not overwhelm your main e-mail with notifications that will come from submitted applications and phone with recruiters' calls especially after you get a job. After you will get a job you can simply delete the mailbox and Google Voice phone.

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