Five in-demand tech jobs in 2022


14 January

Everyone is aware that the tech industry is booming. While their counterparts in other industries were reeling from the effects of COVID-19 in 2020-2021, the tech giants were on a tear. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google – collectively known as the FAANG stocks – saw a 44% increase in their value last year as people who were forced indoors turned to their gadgets to kill time.

All of this signals that the technology sector is one of the biggest winners of the post-pandemic economy. That’s why now is as good a time as ever to learn more about the tech jobs that are more in demand than ever in 2022. The ones which offer sky-high salaries, tremendous employment growth, promising satisfaction ratings, and other perks.

Here are the five most in-demand tech jobs in the United States in 2022:

Cloud Architect

-  Median Pay: $137, 124

Cloud architects are responsible for developing and maintaining their company’s cloud computing strategy. They also deploy, manage and support cloud applications and are required to have an excellent understanding of multiple operating systems.

Their employer expects them to have strong programming, security, and networking skills. Businesses that hire cloud architects are mainly looking for professionals who have a strong knowledge of cloud services such as Amazon Web Services.

Little wonder, then, that cloud architects are among the highest-paid tech professionals in the US in 2022. The average annual pay of a cloud architect in 2021, which currently stands at just over $137,000, is among the highest salaries any tech professional fetches anywhere.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

-    Median Pay: $119,298

AI engineers are in high demand because the tech industry is shifting its focus toward automation. The 4th industrial revolution, in which technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, and AI integrate, is changing how we live and work. Think of voice-activated assistants.

More and more companies are turning towards AI to develop systems that could help them make better decisions, cut costs, and increase profits. AI can also help businesses anticipate customer needs to serve them better, building loyalty and facilitating stronger relationships.

The result is an ever-growing need for AI engineers. A report shows that the demand for AI engineers grew by 270% between 2015 and 2019, fueling a market in which the supply of qualified AI engineers is way below the demand.

Data Scientist

- Median Pay: $117,298

Data scientists are in high demand because of the proliferation of data. Every organization you can think of is currently sitting on a pile of data extracted from its customers. Only a select few, however, know how to extract value out of it. The rest are just clueless about data’s importance.

Luckily for data science graduates, such companies are now catching up. A McKinsey Global Institute study claims that the data scientist shortage in the US will touch the 190,000 mark in a few years. This will create a job market in which qualified data scientists will have their pick of high-paying jobs.

A report by Glassdoor shows that that time may be already upon us. Data science jobs are among the highest-paying in the tech industry in the US right now, with those data scientists who have the right skillset earning as high as 19% more than their ‘average’ colleagues.

Software Developer

-   Median Pay: $111,620

Software developers are required to design, develop, install, test, and maintain software systems. Their job needs them to have an excellent knowledge of coding, building applications, mobile apps, or websites. It also requires them to work with multiple languages such as C#, C++, Python, and more.

Given their unique skillset, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that software developers earn more than information security professionals, the next in-demand technical jobs in 2022. A BLS report states that the demand is expected to grow by 22% over the next decade.

The report further states that almost 190,000 openings for software developers will open up each year over the next nine years. This means that for a software developer with the right skill set, this is one of the best times there has ever been to negotiate a fat paycheck.

From this article, you can learn How to get a software engineering job.

Information Security Professional

-   Median Pay: $103,590

Information, network, cloud, and data security professionals are in huge demand as more and more businesses rely on data for their everyday operations. Security professionals make sure that enterprise IT initiatives are shielded from internal and external threats.

These IT professionals are also required to stay on top of the always-changing changing industry compliance regulations. They also have to predict future security trends and ensure the security of the business’s networks, software, and hardware.

They are paid very handsomely for their work. A Bureau of Labor Statistics report pegged the average pay of information security analysts at just under $104,000 in 2020. It further predicted that the demand for these IT professionals will grow by 33% by 2030, much faster than average.  


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