What You Need to Know Before Enrolling in a Coding Bootcamp


29 March

Coding bootcamps are growing in popularity as more and more people jump into the tech industry, but they’re not right for everyone. In fact, depending on your background and career aspirations, these bootcamps can be either an excellent opportunity or a total waste of time and money—or both! This guide covers everything you need to know before enrolling in a coding bootcamp, from what bootcamps actually do to how much you should expect to pay. ⁠

Why Do I Want to Go To a Coding Bootcamp?

If you’re looking into going to a coding bootcamp, you have good reason! There are tons of great reasons. Maybe you’ve tried learning on your own but haven’t found success, or maybe you’re looking for a solid foundation before entering an MBA program. Whatever your motivation may be, here are some questions you need to ask yourself: Do I have time and resources? Will my current career/job experience help me succeed? Is cost an issue? Why am I ready now? Do I want job placement help? How long do I want to learn for? What will happen if it doesn't work out with my current career/job after going through one of these programs?

Can Anyone Attend a Bootcamp?

Although most programs are open to anyone, if you’re looking for tech jobs after graduation, it’s best if you already have some coding experience. Although that’s not always required, employers are more likely to hire programmers who have already worked on at least one project independently. Even if you don’t have formal coding training, learning basic programming languages will help you get started on your bootcamp journey. There are plenty of free resources available online and from local colleges and organizations—like Hack Reactor or New York Code + Design Academy—that can help prepare you for an immersive program like Fullstack Academy or App Academy. No matter where you start out, there is plenty of room for growth in today's tech industry.

How Long Does It Take To Complete a Bootcamp?

This is one of those it depends questions. There are many different coding bootcamps, all with their own program structure and format, so there isn't a one size fits all answer. As a general rule of thumb though, most students who enroll in full-time courses can expect to complete their program in less than 3 months—with some programs finishing as quickly as 8 weeks! The exact amount of time it takes for you to finish your program will depend on several factors including how long you have free every week, how well you learn new material (some people learn at faster rates than others), and if you need time off between courses. If these questions make no sense right now, don't worry—they'll be made clear when looking at specific schools.

Do I Have To Be Good At Math to Attend A Bootcamp?

The quick answer is no, but you don’t need to know calculus or computer science principles. Most bootcamps are designed for students who have little-to-no math experience. However, if you're going into a bootcamp with more experience under your belt, you may find yourself bored and unchallenged by introductory classes.

Can I Expect Some Kind Of Employment After Attending a BootCamp?

This is one of those questions that has no black-and-white answer. Some graduates absolutely do find employment; others have more trouble. According to recent numbers from Course Report, only about 36% of coding bootcamp grads are employed as developers three months after graduating, but by 12 months post-graduation, that number jumps up to 58%.

We can boost your chances to get employed after a bootcamp within 1 - 3 months with a probability of 86% (based on previous employment history).


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